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Eram garden is one of the most famous gardens in Shiraz which is located in the north of Shiraz and at Eram Street. The garden date back to the Seljuk era and in all periods of Al Eenjoo dynasty was maintained. During the Zand era, Karim Khan Zand took some actions in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the garden. In late Zandand early Qajar period, the garden was for 75 years in control of the leaders of the tribe Qashqaee. In Pahlavi era, it became Botanical Gardens of Pahlavi University.

“Saadi” was born in Shiraz in the early 13th century. Saadi Shirazi, who is the greatest poets of the Persian literature after Ferdowsi, has shone and still shines in the Fars literature sky.

The first touristwhohad mentionedSaadi tomb was “Ibn Battuta” Moroccan traveler.

Saadi tomb is located among an octagonal building with a high and tiling ceiling. Inside the garden and in an area below ground level, there is a clear water spring. In the middle of this place, there is a pool which is called fish Piscine. According to an old tradition, the people of Shiraz to meet their wishes throw a coin in the fish Piscine.

Khaje Shamseddin Mohammad nicknamed “Lesanolqeyb” and the pen name of “Hafiz” is one of well-known Sonneteers in the 14th century who was born in Shiraz. Hafiz was Learned Knowledge to the famous masters of that period in Shiraz. Hethen entered the mystical journey world and chose the mysticism disposition.

Hafiz was great interestedin Shiraz; hence, except for two short trips, settled his whole life in Shiraz. The huge and magnificent building of the tomb of Hafiz was built during Karimkhan Zand era. It consists of a portico with four columns of thick solid stone that was open both the north and south part and two small rooms were at its two corners. The tomb was located in the northern part and a large garden could be seen in the southern part of this location. On the grave of Hafiz, Karim Khan Zand ordered a marble stone lay that two Sonnets of Hafiz lyric poems has been written on it in Haj Aqasi Beyg Afshar’s script. The current stone is thatsame headstone in the Zand era.

It is the oldest garden in Shiraz, with about 40000 square meter area, irrigating from Rokni, a well-known river. Jahan Nama Garden is located in a special region of Shiraz (Hafez Street) among Hafez Shrine, Haft Tanan, Darvazeh Quran, Khajavi Kermani, Baba Kuhi, National Garden, Gahvareh Did, National Library and Archives, etc. The Garden was rebuilt by the order of Karim Khan-e Zand in 1771 AD. Inside the garden there is an octagonal manor like the Kolah Farangi edifice of Bagh-e Nazar (Nazar Garden). There are four alcoves with two-storey rooms in every four corner of it. Inside the manor, there is an octagonal pool built form integrated marble with a stone fountain inside it. The painted ornaments inside the manor are very magnificent and valuable. The garden was a place to host governmental guests in Qajar era.

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